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Indian celebrities and influencers are warned by CCPA against endorsing illegal gambling

March 7, 2024 India Crime & LegaliGaming & Gambling

India’s consumer watchdog has issued a stern advisory to celebrities and online influencers, cautioning against promoting illegal gambling in the country. The Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) took this step amidst rising concerns about the proliferation of advertisements promoting betting and gambling, emphasizing that severe actions would be taken against violators.

According to an official statement by the CCPA, the advisory was issued in response to the increasing prevalence of advertisements advocating illegal activities like betting and gambling. The advisory, aligned with the Consumer Protection Act of 2019, highlights the prohibition on advertising, promoting, and endorsing unlawful activities.

The CCPA emphasized that betting and gambling are strictly prohibited under the Public Gambling Act of 1867 and are illegal in most regions across the nation. Despite this, online platforms persist in promoting betting and gambling, sometimes discreetly under the guise of gaming.

The watchdog stressed that endorsing such activities could have significant financial and socioeconomic consequences, especially for the younger population. It also echoed the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting’s efforts to caution media platforms against publicizing betting and gambling.

The advisory also directed online advertisement intermediaries to avoid targeting such advertisements towards Indian audiences. It underscored that the Guidelines for Prevention of Misleading Advertisements and Endorsements for Misleading Advertisements, 2022, explicitly prohibit advertisements of products or services banned under prevailing laws.

Furthermore, the CCPA warned celebrities and influencers that involvement in promoting or advertising online gambling and betting, given its unlawful status, would render them equally liable for engaging in illegal activities.

The CCPA made it clear that any advertisement or endorsement of activities prohibited by law, including betting or gambling, would face rigorous scrutiny. Violators would face stringent measures under the Consumer Protection Act of 2019, targeting manufacturers, advertisers, publishers, intermediaries, social media platforms, endorsers, and other relevant stakeholders.

Finally, the CCPA urged all stakeholders to strictly adhere to these guidelines and refrain from promoting or endorsing activities that violate Indian law.

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