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Saipan regulator requests $4.3 million to remain operational

March 6, 2024 Saipan Crime & Legal

According to Saipan Tribune, the Commonwealth Casino Commission (CCC) in Saipan has requested a budget of nearly US$4.3 million for the fiscal year 2025. This budget includes slightly over US$1.1 million allocated for wages and board compensation.

Despite public sentiment favoring the shutdown of the regulator due to the closure of the island’s casino, IPI’s Imperial Palace • Saipan, since April 2021, CCC members argue that the commission should continue to exist as long as there is a valid casino license in place.

The US$1.1 million allocated for wages is considered the minimum necessary to sustain the CCC, while the full US$4.3 million budget would cover operational costs and other expenses related to fulfilling its statutory and regulatory duties concerning the casino.

Following the closure of the casino in 2021 and IPI’s failure to pay its mandated license and other fees, the CCC was compelled to reduce staff and shut down its office, as reported by Inside Asian Gaming. Originally, CCC funding was expected to come from a US$3.15 million casino regulatory fee paid by IPI. However, the company has not paid this fee since 2020.

Original Story by: IAG

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