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Intralot inks new multiyear deal with Magnum Corporation

March 4, 2024 Malaysia Events & AnnouncementsiGaming & Gambling

A new multi-year deal has been reached between Magnum Corporation, a significant player in Malaysia’s gaming industry, and Intralot, a Greek lottery and gaming supplier.

The extended agreement, which has the potential for further extensions, is for seven years and is focused on integrating Magnum Corporation’s operations with INTRALOT’s advanced LotosX Omni platform.

The LotosX Central Gaming System and RetailerX Retailer Management System are two elements of this ecosystem that are designed to enhance Magnum Corporation’s retail operations.

The LotosX Omni ecosystem’s ability to support an omnichannel strategy by smoothly integrating traditional and digital channels is one of its primary features. Magnum Corporation plans to use this strategy to boost operational efficiency and enhance client engagement.

The CEO of Magnum Corporation, Dato’ Lawrence Lim Swee Lin, said that he was happy to continue working with Intralot and emphasized the company’s contribution to client gaming experiences and business growth. He highlighted the partnership between their domain expertise and Intralot’s state-of-the-art technology, with the goal of developing a futuristic gaming experience that offers enhanced customisation and security in both physical and virtual spaces.

Marios Mitromaras, CEO of Intralot Australia, expressed his happiness about the company’s continued cooperation with Magnum Corporation, highlighting their mutual respect, understanding, and commitment to enhancing customer gaming experiences. Since 2006, Intralot has been doing business in Malaysia, supporting Magnum Corporation in growing their business and creating value for the community. Mitromaras expressed a want to use Magnum Corporation’s state-of-the-art technology and first-rate operational services as the company develops and enhances the player experience.

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