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MJC horse owners pen open letter to Macau gov’t urging compensation for incurred losses

March 1, 2024 Macau Industry Updates

Sources claim that horse owners connected to the Macau Jockey Club (MJC) have sent an open letter to Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng and the Macau SAR Government asking for damages for their losses.

The government said on January 15th that MJC’s racing license would expire and that no further horse racing would be permitted starting in April. On January 26, MJC conducted a briefing session with horse owners, which resulted in issues. For owners who want to move their horses overseas, MJC has promised a “horse transport subsidy” of up to HK$200,000, or HK$30,000 for owners who want to move their horses to mainland China.

Owners argue that this subsidy falls short of compensating them for their losses. Consequently, a few formed an open group and, on February 27, sent an open letter to the government and CEO expressing their displeasure with the subsidies and their decision to move their horses abroad to compete in other races.

The correspondence details a joint appeal made on February 7th by equestrian owners to MJC’s Chief Operating Officer, Ben To, Chairperson Angela Leung On Kae, and five directors, requesting an equitable evaluation of each horse’s value and the provision of suitable compensation. The proprietors felt that MJC’s statement on February 21st, stating that no further compensation would be given, was insufficient.

The letter charges MJC with deceitful purpose, including attempts to persuade horse owners to import horses in April–July 2023, even though they are too young to race and need a lot of maturation and training time. Owners then have to pay high monthly maintenance costs, which adds to their already heavy financial load.

The letter also cautions that MJC’s mid-season competition suspension might potentially compromise its ability to co-organize equestrian events at the 2025 National Games with Guangdong and Hong Kong, as originally intended, which could lower Macau’s tourism revenue.

This Saturday, the owners have scheduled a press conference.

Original story by: IAG

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