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PRO 1 continues efforts to combat illegal gambling amid no reported cases in region

February 29, 2024 Philippines Crime & LegaliGaming & Gambling

The Police Regional Office 1 (PRO 1) is still fighting against illegal gaming, even if there are signs that it is not present in the Ilocos Region.

In light of provincial directors’ reports that there are no well-established gambling establishments in their respective regions, such as “drop ball” and “peryahan” (funfair), PRO 1 Regional Director Police Brigadier General Lou Evangelista highlights the commitment to combating illegal activities like gambling and drug use.

These assertions are backed by certifications from municipal authorities, such as police chiefs, municipal politicians, and community leaders, stating that there are no illegal gaming operations under observation inside their jurisdictions. Additionally, PRO 1 has visited carnivals and amusement parks to ensure that they abide by the municipal permits granted for local fiestas.

PRO 1 is unflinching in the face of this encouraging news, declaring that illegal activity would not be allowed in the region. Director Evangelista highlights their dedication to upholding law and order via proactive actions and thorough validations.

The actions of PRO 1 align with its SECURED agenda, which outlines its strategic approach to crime prevention and consists of seven points.

S – Strategic approach in crime prevention and solution activities
E – Engaging the community for safer neighborhood
C – Compassion for Philippine National Police personnel
U – Upholding the rule of law and justice while implementing effective law enforcement
R – Robust Quad Concept in the execution of police operation
E – Enhancing public safety and internal security
D – Digital transformation for efficient policing

PRO 1 has successfully apprehended 355 individuals who are alleged to have participated in illegal card games, video carrera, cara y cruz, and other activities.

Original story by: Phillppine Information Agency

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