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Image Source Korea Times

Mohegan Inspire faces criticisms ahead of launch

February 19, 2024 South Korea Casino & HotelIndustry Updates

Mohegan Inspire Entertainment Resort’s much awaited first-phase grand opening on March 5 is quickly approaching, signaling a significant turning point for the expansive facility.

Although the resort did partially open in November, the next event is expected to unveil the full scope of what has been dubbed the “Korean version of Las Vegas.” After all four phases of development are finished, Mohegan’s first “entertainment integrated” resort outside of North America, Inspire, is expected to become the largest integrated entertainment resort in Northeast Asia.

In the lead-up to its launch, Mohegan Inspire has been making headlines, some of them negative. During the resort’s soft opening phase, guests have complained about traffic jams and delays, especially in its three five-star hotel towers.

Visitors, including Jun, an office worker from Seoul, complained that they had to wait over an hour just to check in, citing crowded elevators and lengthy wait times as usual occurrences. Another criticism leveled about Splash Bay, an indoor water park with a glass dome, was that guests had to struggle without showers or locker rooms.

Inspire Arena, Korea’s first indoor multipurpose performance venue, also had traffic and parking issues that negatively impacted concertgoers’ overall musical experience. The world-class venue, which has hosted significant events like the Melon Music Awards, had logistical problems, causing some fans to miss parts of the performances due to parking delays.

Additionally, specialists in the hotel industry claim that Mohegan Inspire’s massive hiring spree has created a labor issue in the local industrial ecosystem. There is a skills scarcity in the resort industry as a consequence of the resort’s aggressive hiring effort, which promised higher wages and positions, particularly for small and medium-sized resorts. For casino resorts, the loss of skilled personnel poses additional challenges since it might lead to trade secret leaks and a decline in industry competitiveness.

Notwithstanding these drawbacks, Mohegan Inspire is committed to improving its products and services in response to customer feedback. The resort is making a concerted effort to alleviate parking issues by interacting with the local government and providing guests with other modes of transportation. Mohegan Inspire wants to enhance the visitor experience as the big opening draws near and maintain its position as Asia’s best entertainment destination.

Original story by: Korea Times

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