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Phnom Penh police arrests ten individuals allegedly involved in illegal gambling

January 29, 2024 Cambodia Crime & LegaliGaming & Gambling

Ten persons were detained by police in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, after a prearranged operation on suspicion of operating illegal gambling businesses.

The Anti-Gambling Department of the Ministry of Interior and the Cambodian Gambling Management Commission worked together to make the arrests.

Local reports state that this operation targeted two businesses in the Khan 7 Makara suburb of Phnom Penh that were reportedly engaged in illicit lottery activities. These businesses operated under the moniker 8888.

The official figures on arrests for illegal gambling in 2023 have just been released, and this enforcement action is in line with them. In all, 1,786 operations targeting illegal gaming were carried out by law enforcement throughout the year, leading to the arrest of 3,155 persons, 1,238 of whom were women.

A total of 700 offenders were the targets of legal measures, and 712 locations were involved in these activities, according to the Ministry of Interior.

The whole plan used during these operations was outlined by Ministry of Interior spokesperson Touch Sokhak. It included inspections of 302 places, administrative processes including contract signing and training, and arrests.

Authorities seized 143 fighting roosters, 390 motorcycles, and 10 cars during this operation. Notably, 165 cases involving 710 people were submitted to the courts as a consequence of the measures.

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