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Dynam Japan reports 13% increase in gross pay-ins from April to September

November 28, 2023 Japan Casino & HotelIndustry Updates

Pachinko hall operator Dynam Japan has reported a solid performance, with gross pay-ins rising 13.4% to HK$14.6 billion ($1.9 billion) in the six months ended September 30. Operating pachinko halls in Japan is the company’s main business; as of 2022, there are 434 halls open, one more than the same period in 2022.

During this time, Dynam generated revenues of HK$3.4 billion ($436 million) and a net profit of HK$153 million ($19.6 million). The Board has announced an interim dividend of JPY 2.5 per ordinary share due to the strong performance.

One may attribute Dynam Japan’s success to its low-cost operations and multiple-hall growth approach. The company highlights that “multiple-hall development and low-cost operations centered on low playing cost games are features of the Group’s chain store management.” It highlights the importance of low-cost strategies and competence in promoting low-cost gaming, from store openings to management.

The study highlights the benefits of economies of scale via multiple-hall expansion when purchasing gaming equipment and general incentives. Due to this strategic stance, Dynam Japan is in a strong and advantageous position for the growth of its pachinko hall operating business.

Original article by: Asia Gaming Brief

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