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Cop jailed after gambling using money he stole from crime scene

November 23, 2023 World Crime & Legal

A Spanish Civil Guard member was sentenced to five months in prison and ten months of suspension from their position after he was found guilty of taking €9,000 during a counter-narcotics operation and using it to gamble at a nearby casino.

In the summer of 2020, during an anti-drug operation, the police searched a car and discovered bags of marijuana and cash. During the crime scene investigation, the police officer profited from the chaos by stealing the cash for his own use. After that, he supposedly went to a local casino and spent the money by playing roulette.

The officer’s misconduct came to light when the authorities requested the return of the items that had been taken. Concerns were voiced and an internal investigation was launched when the cops just turned over the drugs and not the cash. After the Civil Guard self-reported the incident to the Spanish legal system, a formal inquiry into the theft of public funds was launched.

An agreement was reached in spite of media reports that the cop was facing almost two years in prison from the prosecution. The police received a lighter sentence in exchange for returning the money that was taken. If the officer stayed out of trouble with the law for the next two years, his five-month sentence would be suspended. The decision is not final, however, and the prosecution may file an appeal to seek a heavier punishment.

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