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Surge in online gambling among South Korean teens raises serious concerns

November 22, 2023 South Korea Crime & LegaliGaming & Gambling

Significant concerns have been raised by the surge in online gambling among South Korean teenagers, highlighting the necessity for more aggressive measures to address addiction in this demographic.

Teens are finding ways to get over the country’s strict regulations against online gambling, which is leading to a rise in addiction cases. The sole clinic providing addiction treatment for young people, the National Center for Youth Internet Addiction Treatment, is unable to handle the increasing number of individuals seeking help.

The facility provides a 12-day rehabilitation program with a range of activities designed to help patients kick their addiction. The brief length of the therapy and the disinterest of many teenagers, however, provide challenges to its effectiveness. The increasing number of addiction cases emphasizes how urgently South Korea has to improve its capacity to control the harm that gambling does to its youth.

The number of teenagers seeking treatment for gambling addiction has increased by a shocking 75% over the previous four years, according to data. 353 people were arrested as a consequence of the National Police Agency’s crackdown on online gambling, 39 of whom were underage. This worrying trend emphasizes how vulnerable children are since they are more likely to encounter gambling-related content and start gambling behaviors because they grew up in the internet era.

Experts emphasize that more funding is required to build robust networks connecting youth facilities, mental health facilities, and schools. These kinds of programs would be essential for treating and preventing child gambling addiction and ensuring a comprehensive strategy for safeguarding their mental health and overall well-being.

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