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Thailand continue to struggle in attracting Chinese tourists

November 21, 2023 Thailand Industry Updates

The tourism industry in Thailand is facing difficulties in attracting Chinese tourists as a result of concerns about safety after a fatal shooting incident and the impact of a popular crime drama.

By the end of the year, the Thai government hopes to have welcomed 28 million foreign tourists, with 4.4 million of those visitors coming from China. But as of November 12, just 2.9 million Chinese tourists had arrived.

There has been a decline in the number of Chinese visitors after the deadly shooting at Bangkok’s Siam Paragon Mall and the release of the Chinese film “No More Bets”. The movie, which shows victims of human trafficking in an unidentified part of Southeast Asia, has made Chinese visitors concerned about their safety.

The Thai government has created a visa-free incentive program for Chinese passport holders in an effort to attract more tourists; nevertheless, issues including China’s slow economic recovery and limited overseas travel are preventing tourism from growing.

The Thai tourism board is searching for ways to rebuild confidence, such as joint patrols with Chinese law enforcement. Nevertheless, this proposal was quickly shelved because of concerns over Thailand’s sovereignty.

As per industry observers, promoting Thailand as a secure travel destination offering an array of experiences for many types of travelers and collaborating with airlines to increase flight frequencies from China might potentially augment Chinese travel to Thailand in the future.

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Original story by: Channel News Asia

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