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MGS attracts total of 3,500 guests

November 20, 2023 Macau Events & AnnouncementsIndustry Updates

The MGS Entertainment Show, organized by the Macau Gaming Equipment Manufacturers Association (MGEMA), successfully brought the organization’s live in-person exhibits back to life after a four-year hiatus, drawing in 3,500 guests.

The crowd at the Galaxy International Convention Center was diverse, consisting of 9% people from mainland China, 9% people from Hong Kong, and 74% people from Macau. The rest of the visitors came from other parts of Asia, including Taiwan, South Korea, the Philippines, and Japan, as well as Australia and the United States.

With its expansive 4,000 square meters, the MGS Show showcased its theme, “The Asian Pioneer Returns.” Along with gaming-related goods and services, the event included a one-day MGS Summit. During the conference, Kevin Kelley gave the Keynote Address. He provided insightful commentary on the state of the gaming business now and what lies ahead.

A significant networking and collaboration platform was provided by the event, which drew 17% of attendees from the gaming sector, 17% from suppliers, and 7% from consulting and technology. The show’s diverse audience was shown by the representation of several businesses, including banking, sales and marketing, hotels, and education.

The exceptional turnout for the MGS Entertainment Show indicates a strong interest in and demand for live industry events that foster connections and information exchange within the gaming community. The industry has benefited greatly from the return to an in-person format as it enables stakeholders to engage directly, investigate innovations, and stay informed about the most recent developments in the gaming business.

Original story by: IAG

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