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Concerts further boost gaming figures in Macau

November 20, 2023 Macau Industry Updates

Popular concerts held in the city continue to be beneficial to the expanding Macau gaming industry, according to Citigroup’s Table Survey.

The survey indicates that from November 2019 to HK$22,251 ($2,856), the average wager per player in the premium mass sector climbed by 37%. The rise in gaming involvement is attributed to concerts, particularly those featuring Mandopop group Teens in Times at Galaxy Arena and Westlife at Londoner.

The latest investment brief from Citigroup highlighted mainland Chinese visitors’ tenacious propensity for luxury purchases by emphasizing the strong presence of devoted consumers at high-end brands like Chanel and Hermes.

Galaxy Entertainment continued to have a dominant lead in Citigroup’s Premium Mass survey, securing a 38% market share in total observed wager—a notable increase from about 25% in October. At HK$28,319 ($3,635), Galaxy Entertainment had the highest average wager among the operators. In the Premium Mass survey, Sands China ranked second with a 20% market share, up from 19% in the previous month.

Not only can concerts affect gaming figures, but they also raise casino revenue. The fact that Galaxy was hosting the well-known Mandopop group Teens in Times and that Sands was doing two weekends of Westlife shows at the Londoner were important factors. November saw a record 18 “whales,” or players who spent HK$100,000 ($12,800) or more every hand, according to Citigroup. This is five more than in November 2019. The positive impact that concerts have on Macau’s gambling industry suggests that it is feasible to combine gaming and entertainment in a way that will draw visitors and make money.

Original story by: Asia Gaming Brief

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