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S’pore authorities nab more individuals over illegal gambling

November 8, 2023 Singapore Crime & Legal

The Singapore Police Force conducted a series of raids over the weekend that resulted in the seizure of SGD1 million (US$737,400) in cash and assets, and the detention of 32 individuals as part of its crackdown on illegal betting activities.

Both operators and players are the targets of these operations, which are a part of a bigger law enforcement push to stop unlawful gambling. The at least nine separate sites where the searches were conducted turned up evidence of a large-scale illegal betting network.

Allegations have been made against the arrested individuals for allegedly participating in and supporting unlawful gambling enterprises. It is believed that the cash and other valuables that were seized were the products of illegal activity. Mobile phones and computers used in the illicit conduct were among the electronic equipment confiscated as part of the investigation.

These fresh searches are a part of a larger police investigation that was launched three weeks ago with the intention of upsetting a massive online betting network for horse races. During the course of the inquiry, 126 persons were named as suspects, and SGD69,000 (US$58,880) was seized.

Fighting illegal gaming and associated criminal activities is a top priority for the Singapore Police Force. These ongoing efforts serve as an example of the challenges posed by underground activities and the ongoing need for monitoring. Legal measures against the arrested individuals are probably inevitable, and the seized property will most likely be forfeited.

Unlawful gambling and betting businesses carry fines and penalties of up to SGD200,000 (US$147,540) and five years in prison; users of these services run the danger of up to SGD10,000 (US$7,377) in fines and six months in imprisonment. Any suspected illegal gaming activity should be reported, the police ask the public.

Original story by: Casino.org

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