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Disney to join sports betting industry

October 16, 2023 World iGaming & GamblingIndustry Updates

Disney intends to enter the sports wagering industry the following month, when the ESPN Bet application will be released. A ten-year agreement between the renowned sportsbook Penn Entertainment and Disney has led to this action.

The agreement allows sports enthusiasts to place bets on events broadcast on Disney’s ESPN sports network with the assistance of Penn’s sportsbook. Despite internal deliberations and concerns, this decision was ultimately unavoidable as it allowed the organisation to extend its reach to a predominantly male younger demographic and take advantage of the growing sports wagering industry.

As per the agreement, Penn Entertainment will manage the application while Disney will be responsible for its marketing. Penn Entertainment will make a significant monetary payment to Disney in the amount of $1.5 billion, while ESPN will receive warrants valued at approximately $500 million, which can be utilised to acquire shares in the gaming company. Penn Entertainment is poised to benefit significantly from this partnership as it can capitalise on the substantial viewership of ESPN and the flourishing sports wagering sector.

However, within Disney’s internal operations, this transition to sports wagering has sparked debates and concerns. A potential negative association between Disney and gambling could damage the company’s reputation, as it could imply addiction and other undesirable qualities. Particularly socially conscious investing firms such as BlackRock might be required to reassess their Disney shares in the event that the corporation enters into a partnership with sports wagering.

ESPN Bet’s debut appears likely notwithstanding the internal and external opposition. Penn Entertainment, apart from dedicating significant resources to app development, is also considering alternative ESPN game transmissions with a wagering focus. Such programming would target the expanding fantasy sports audience and feature a greater number of on-air personalities in promotional materials and programmes. Collaboration between Disney and Penn Entertainment provides an opportunity to reach a younger, more engaged audience and infuses a new perspective into Disney’s extensive portfolio. With great anticipation, the industry will observe the November debut of ESPN Bet, which aims to offer a distinctive blend of sports wagering and content under the Disney brand.

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