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‘One-Strike, No-Take Policy’ to Boost Fight vs. Illegal Gambling

May 26, 2023 Philippines Crime & Legal

MANILA – Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Gen. Benjamin Acorda Jr ordered an “intensified crackdown” against illegal gambling and the individuals behind them backed by the formidable “one-strike and no-take policy.”

“The one strike and no take policy represents a zero-tolerance approach, where any negligence or inaction will be met with swift consequences. With this strong stance, the PNP aims to leave no room for leniency in eradicating the illegal gambling menace,” Acorda said in a statement Thursday.

Under this police, regional, provincial and district directors, chiefs of police stations, community precinct commanders and other leaders of units who will be found inefficient or wanting in their efforts to eradicate and stop illegal gambling in their respective areas of jurisdiction shall be relieved from their post and be charged administratively under the doctrine of command responsibility.

The PNP chief said this resolute stance reflects the police force’s unwavering determination to eradicate illegal gambling and safeguard the welfare of the Filipino people.

Acorda’s latest directive came after the PNP and the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) forged an alliance to intensify the national campaign against all forms of illegal gambling activities across the country.

Under the leadership of Acorda, the PNP is mobilizing its established Regional/Provincial/City Anti-Illegal Gambling Special Operations Task Groups to intensify the implementation of the provisions outlined in PNP MC NO. 2017-022, aptly titled “PNP Anti-Illegal Gambling Campaign Plan: Operation High Roller.”

These specialized units will employ their expertise to gather intelligence, conduct thorough investigations, and execute strategic interventions, fortifying the nation’s fight against illegal gambling.

“We will not tolerate the existence of illegal gambling activities that prey on the most vulnerable members of our society. Together with PCSO, we will deploy all necessary resources and implement stringent measures to put an end to this menace,” Acorda said.

Recognizing the detrimental impact of these illegal activities that erode public morals, PCSO General Manager Mel Robles emphasized that illegal gambling operations significantly affect the revenue generated by the PCSO, as the majority of earnings end up lining the pockets of illegal gambling operators.

“In turn, those losses deprive poor Filipino citizens of the healthcare and other benefits that the PCSO provides,” Robles added, shedding light on the grave consequences of unauthorized gambling activities on vulnerable communities.

Robles further appealed to the public, urging them to participate only in PCSO-sanctioned games such as lotto and the small-town lottery.

By doing so, he said Filipinos not only stand a chance to win exciting prizes but also actively contribute to the funding of the PCSO’s welfare programs.

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