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Does South Korea Boast a World-Class Gaming Culture?

May 24, 2023 South Korea Industry Updates

Does South Korea Boast a World-Class Gaming Culture? The popularity of gaming has skyrocketed recently. What was formerly regarded as a niche activity in the 1980s and 1990s is now thought to be a pleasure that people from many different demographics can enjoy.

There are a ton of people playing the same games as us around the world, whether we’re using video game consoles or mobile phones.

However, some nations have greater gaming popularity than others. One such example is South Korea. The nation has a sizable gaming industry, but is it among the greatest in the world? That is what we are attempting to determine.

South Korean Statistics in Gaming

As we’ve previously mentioned, South Korea has a sizable gaming community. Over two-thirds of South Korean citizens played video games between 2015 and 2022. The government is promoting esports and gaming events while also assisting the gaming business by loosening some of its laws.

The easing of these restrictions is hoped to increase employment in the gambling sector. Over 35.7 thousand people are employed by PC bangs as of 2021.

Players can hire a PC from PC Bangs and spend hours playing popular games. The average hourly rate for PC bangs is about 1,000 won, or one pound. Due to its trillion-dollar (in South Korean currency) value, PCs are a fundamental component of the South Korean gaming industry.

The majority of video games are casual single-player affairs, although League of Legends and other multiplayer PC games are very popular. NC Soft, Netmarble, and Nexon, collectively known as the “3N,” are the three largest gaming firms in South Korea.

South Korean Online Gaming

In recent years, mobile gaming has proliferated. There are a ton of games available for us to play on our mobile devices, from titles like Candy Crush to well-known Asian casino games.

This is true of South Korea as well. In actuality, mobile and online PC games are the main emphasis of its game development market. It therefore comes as no surprise that this nation generates 12.1 trillion won in sales from mobile games.

The overwhelming majority of gamers in South Korea use mobile devices. Mobile gaming has overtaken traditional PC gaming as the dominant market sector in the nation due to the sheer number of players.

Due to having one of the best internet connections in the world, South Korea has seen a rise in the mobile gaming sector. There are a lot of people that are aware with cutting-edge technology and are curious about fresh advancements.

South Korea’s 5G is one such instance. Although some individuals in other nations have reservations about this technology, South Korea’s gaming industry has benefited from its success by opening up new prospects for growth. New technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality have made room for 5G.

Over 46% of respondents in 2022 research indicated that puzzle games were one of their favorite gaming genres. Board games and role-playing games were some of the other favorites.

In addition, the greatest cohort of mobile gamers in 2022—roughly one-quarter of whom were in their forties—was that group. Twenty-somethings came after them.

The Strong Focus on eSports in South Korea

We were astonished to learn that many eSports athletes were from South Korea, despite the fact that mobile gaming makes up a sizable portion of the nation’s gaming sector. How is this possible?

It may come as a shock, but the Korean culture itself is a big factor in why so many eSports players from South Korea succeed professionally.

Korean culture is mostly built on rivalry. Many Koreans are driven to succeed, whether it is in eSports or in their studies.

Many Korean eSports players practice hard to get into the major eSports leagues and events, much as young sportsmen who train themselves to join the best teams.

John “yeHHH” Yeh, the general manager of the Florida Mayhem, claimed that many Korean eSports athletes are driven by money as opposed to Western athletes who are driven by enthusiasm. Korean players send their winnings home to help support their families.

Yeh said that the impending requirement of conscription into the military might possibly be contributing to this urge for money. All Korean men in South Korea are required to serve in the military for a specific period of time.

Many Korean eSports athletes view this requirement for military duty as the unofficial conclusion of their professional careers. Few people return as athletes; some may return as coaches or commentators.

As previously mentioned, the South Korean government intends to loosen some rules and put more of an emphasis on eSports teams and gaming competitions. Given the size of the Korean eSports community, this could help the nation’s gaming industry.

In the South

Although gaming has become more and more popular throughout time, some nations, like South Korea, place a strong emphasis on it. South Korea’s gaming scene may be among the greatest in the world, according to their statistics on gaming, iGaming, and eSports.


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