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Microsoft Tests Web3 Wallet Integration in Edge Browser

March 22, 2023 World BlockchainEmerging Markets

Microsoft is reportedly working on integrating a crypto and nonfungible token (NFT) friendly Web3 wallet into its Edge web browser. Microsoft Edge is Microsoft’s browser alternative to Google Chrome, and the integration of a Web3 wallet could be a major step in the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

The screenshots, shared by software documenter, Albacore, show the early stages of Microsoft’s Web3 wallet user interface (UI). From the images, we can see an introductory page to the Web3 edge wallet, with Microsoft encouraging users to “test our first Web3 wallet and provide candid feedback along the journey.”

The wallet appears to be non-custodial which would allow users to securely hold and manage their digital assets, as well as interact with decentralized applications (dApps). These wallets enable individuals to be in full control of their funds without needing a third-party custodian. Interestingly, the wallet will be embedded in the Edge browser as opposed to being just a browser extension.

Swap, Send and Buy Crypto Assets with Microsoft?
With Microsoft’s web3 wallet, users could be able to conveniently access Coinbase and MoonPay. Coinbase is renowned as one of the most popular and simple-to-use cryptocurrency exchanges around the world, making it a great starting point for novices due to its security measures. Could the move indicate a partnership between Microsoft and Coinbase? Only time will tell.

According to Albacore, the Web3 wallet is already “baked in” to the edge browser but isn’t yet accessible to users. Albacore also warns that Microsoft often tests new features for the browser without ever publicly launching them.

Albacore told Decrypt that, “[The] Edge team are kings of throwing every imaginable thing at the wall and seeing if it sticks.” He continued, “The list of obsolete gimmick features that they tried and eventually removed is quite long.”

However, the web3 Edge wallet is functioning optimally, according to Albacore.

What about NFTs?
With regards to digital assets, the interface is straightforward and welcomes users to “browse different marketplaces to find your first NFT.”

Web3 wallets are indispensable for engaging with NFTs, as they provide users with a secure solution to store and manage their digital assets, in addition to the ability to purchase and trade them on various markets.

Microsoft and Blockchain Technology
Last month, in response to the economic downturn, Microsoft chose to shift their attention towards other initiatives ultimately pausing its industrial Metaverse project. Unfortunately, this meant that all 100 employees had to be laid off.

Although Microsoft has put a pause on its Metaverse projects, the tech giant’s plans to potentially enable the wallet and introduce Web3 functionality to its users indicates that they haven’t given up on blockchain technology just yet. Stay tuned for more news on Microsoft’s latest Web3 developments.

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