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The Benefits of Pai Gow Poker Over Other Table Games

March 14, 2023 World iGaming & Gambling

One of the earliest varieties of domino games is traditional Pai Gow, which has its roots in China. Many variations of the game have been produced, one of which uses cards instead of dominoes.

Of course, I’m referring to Pai Gow Poker. Lovers of this casino table game are aware of the many benefits it has over other well-liked games. It is also highly exciting to play and widely available thanks to the sites for online pai gow.

How Does Pai Gow Poker Work?

Sam Torosian created Pai Gow Poker in 1985. It is heavily influenced by Pai Gow, the traditional Chinese domino game. The use of a 53-card deck in the poker variation is the largest distinction.

The usual 52-card deck and a joker are available to players. Seven-card poker-style rules apply to the game, and to win, participants must out-handicap the banker’s hand.

The banker is often a deal that the casino uses. Nonetheless, certain tables allow players to play the banker, much like in real-money baccarat.

It can take some effort to learn how to play Pai Gow poker. To win, you must beat the banker with both of your poker hands, which you must make separately. To be successful at this casino table game, you must have a firm grasp of the fundamental poker hands.

Benefits of Pai Gow

1. Relaxed Pace

If you have played poker before, then you know that some hands might take a long time to conclude. For instance, one hand in real money Texas Holdem typically lasts for many minutes.

The majority of poker hands are not very pleasant, despite the sluggish tempo. This occurs as a result of inter-player competition. In most poker games, even close friends might be your adversary.

The slower tempo that poker players are accustomed to is maintained in Pai Gow. The atmosphere is much more laid back, though, as everyone has the banker as their common foe.

The slower pace is also a significant benefit for new players. You do not need to be concerned about delaying the game for other players because you have time to plan out your approach.

2. Your only opponent is the dealer

Another major benefit for Pai Gow players is that they just have to worry about the banker’s hand. It can be a lot of fun to compete with other gamers. Consistently winning might be really challenging, though.

It might be difficult to win at Pai Gow. But, the fact that you are solely concerned with competing against the banker improves your chances.

Theoretically, you might have the worst hand of any participant in that round. You will nevertheless come out on top as long as your two hands outperform the banker’s hands.

This also eliminates the need to read your opponents or bluff them. Also, there is only one round of betting, allowing you to use all of your mental energy to creating the strongest poker hands.

3. House Edge Lower than Average

If you spend enough time investigating casino games, then you will eventually come across the concept of the house edge. This figure, which is typically stated as a percentage, informs players of the average win the casino anticipates.

Simply speaking, the lower the house edge, the better it is for players. The house advantage in Pai Gow poker is around 1.46%. This has a lower house edge than the majority of other table games you’ll encounter on the casino floor.

The house edge for real money roulette games played on an American wheel is 5.26%. As the house advantage is average, you could win or lose more than you anticipated.

Also, putting side bets can considerably raise the house edge. Before placing side bets in Pai Gow, make sure to keep this in mind.

4. Excellent Game for Little Budgets

The fact that you normally do not need a sizable bankroll to play Pai Gow poker is another excellent incentive to give it a shot. The size and quantity of bets you want to place each round will have an impact on your bankroll.

Your bankroll will need to be higher if you plan to place side bets on each hand. Yet, generally speaking, you won’t need a huge bankroll to play.

This is primarily due to the difficulty of winning or losing any hand in Pai Gow. To win, you must defeat both of the dealer’s hands. So in order to lose your ante stake, you must also lose both hands.

Because of this, many of the hands you play in this game will result in ties. Your initial wager will be returned to you, and you can use it to start your subsequent game of Pai Gow poker.

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