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Actor in Singapore is Being Looked Into for Supporting Illegal Gambling

January 18, 2023 Singapore Crime & Legal

One of the advertisements had the name of a gambling site that is prohibited in the nation.

An actor in Singapore is being looked into for allegedly violating the Gambling Control Act by appearing in three video advertisements to promote an illegitimate gambling website.

Playing at unlicensed tables
According to the Chinese daily Lianhe Zaobao, Terence Cao, 55, played a variety of characters in the three video commercials, all of which subtly emphasized the thrill and fun that can be had by gambling with tiny sums.

Cao appeared in two roles in one of the videos; one of the characters he played had wagered but lost SGD500 ($378), while the other character initially tried to comfort the loser before pulling up his phone to reveal he had won SGD50 ($38).

The video advertisement, which was less than two minutes long but prominently displayed the gambling company’s logo where the second character played by Cao had won the bet, allegedly violated Singapore’s Gambling Control Act, according to the attorneys the media consulted.

Lawyers further affirmed that both the gambling website depicted in the advertisement and participation by individuals in the advertising or marketing of such websites are prohibited in Singapore.

Although the video has been taken down from the gaming website, the police stated to the media that they were aware of the problem and that the case was already being looked into.

The only regulated operator is Singapore Pools, which was granted a three-year license by the Gambling Regulatory Authority in October of last year. All unauthorized gambling is clearly outlawed under Singaporean law.

Unaware of the Website’s Gambling Context and Video
When asked by the news media for comment, Cao stated that he had never worked with the production business previously and had no knowledge of the context of the videos or the gambling website.

Cao even made the suggestion briefly that the recordings had been made to discourage others from gambling, but he quickly ended the chat conversation with the reporter and did not answer his phone when it rang. Sibay Shiok, a live streaming sales company, is run by Cao.

One of the nations in the Asia-Pacific area that have been steadfast in their fight against illegal gaming is Singapore.

The state city has experienced notable success over the last three years, during which time 2,400 people have been apprehended, 800 of whom were held for dealing in illicit sports betting, thanks to the competence of its police forces.

Image Source: asiaone.com
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