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Can foreign visitors travel to China? Everything You Should Be Aware of Regarding the Nation’s Reopening

January 9, 2023 China Events & Announcements

This is possibly an encouraging news for those planning to visit China in 2023.

Chinese officials announced the relaxation of many significant Covid-related entry restrictions that take effect on January 8 after nearly three years of being essentially locked off from the outside world.

China has eliminated quarantine restrictions for all international arrivals, which is one of these and represents a major departure from the country’s strict zero-Covid policy. But who may go?

Here, we cover some of the key concerns that may be on visitors’ minds as they begin to plan their trips for 2023.

Can foreigners currently visit China for pleasure travel?
China isn’t yet opening its doors to foreign leisure travelers eager to see the nation’s numerous attractions.

With the exception of business and family travel, borders remain mostly closed to foreigners, though the administration has indicated it is looking to relax restrictions here as well. No timetable has been revealed.

Government notices state that for the time being, the government will concentrate on making it easier for foreign nationals to apply for visas for trips to China for work, study, family visits, and reunions.

By email, CNN Travel is informed by George Cao, CEO of Dragon Trail International, a marketing and research firm with an emphasis on China, that a number of conditions must be met before the nation can once again welcome leisure travelers after the quarantine has been lifted.

Although it is a part of the reopening plan that has been stated, he says, “we do not yet have an official date for China to resume issuing visas for the purpose of tourism.”

This has already begun for some destinations; for instance, many flights between China and South Korea and between China and Singapore have resumed. “It’s also crucial for the international flight schedule to increase, which will make it easier to get to China and also bring down flight prices, which are still well above pre-pandemic levels.”

He adds that it’s not yet known how quickly the process will go for other locations or routes.

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