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A New Guide to Marijuana Use for Visitors to Thailand

January 6, 2023 Thailand Events & Announcements

A representative for the Public Health ministry claims that the manual is essential because Thailand, the first Asian nation to legalize marijuana, will draw tourists who want to consume cannabis-related items.

The ministry’s deputy permanent secretary, Dr. Narong Apikulwanich, said on Tuesday that the English-language guide is essential because Thailand is the first Asian nation to legalize marijuana and will draw tourists interested in consuming cannabis-related items.

The manual has been made available online at, and authorities in tourism provinces have also been ordered to prepare tourist manuals. In the near future, the manual will also be available in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Russian.

The following are the top ten cannabis-related facts for visitors to Thailand:

  • It is prohibited to bring cannabis plants or their parts into or out of Thailand.
  • As long as farmers register on the Plook Ganja application of the Food and Drug Administration or via a suitable government website, it is permitted to cultivate cannabis.
  • Legal authorization is required before using cannabis flower buds for study, export, sale, or processing for profit.
  • Except when under the close supervision of medical specialists, cannabis cannot be used by those under the age of 20 or by pregnant or nursing women.
  • Permission is required in order to possess synthetic THC and extracts comprising more than 0.2% THC.
  • Only authorized eateries are able to serve cuisine infused with cannabis.
  • Specific channels are used to access cannabis health items that have been approved.
  • It’s forbidden to smoke marijuana in public locations, such as malls and schools.
  • Refrain from operating a vehicle after consuming cannabis-infused meals or items.
  • Those who experience a negative reaction to cannabis are urged to seek medical attention right away.

According to Narong, “the ministry permits the use of cannabis and hemp for medical and research purposes but continues to forbid recreational use.”

The ministry has established many regulations to govern the use of cannabis and hemp in order to protect public safety and prevent abuse, he continued, adding that the Cannabis and Hemp Act is still under consideration.

Examples of these rules include requiring product manufacturers to register their usage of cannabis buds and flowers, categorizing cannabis smoke and odor as a public nuisance, and requiring food sellers that use the former narcotic as an ingredient to provide written notice to customers.

Parliament is now debating the Cannabis and Hemp Act, which governs the use, cultivation, sale, and import of cannabis and hemp.

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