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Online Casino Red Flags To Look Out For

November 7, 2022 World iGaming & Gambling

Online casinos are only becoming more accessible to more people as time goes by. It’s great news for gamblers. However, although the vast majority of websites are legit, not every one of them operates with integrity.

In this article, we will outline certain warning signs that may indicate that a particular online casino is not to be trusted and when to avoid them immediately.

Unfamiliar games

This may demand a passing familiarity with the game studios and releases that are currently popular and leading on most operators. However, if you’re just starting out, a quick Google search is all you need to get started in the right direction. If you’re at an online casino and you can’t place any of the popular games or gaming studios, it should raise red flags.

A genuine site will work with well-known, reputable, and top-tier release and supplier companies.

Too-good-to-be-true bonuses

Bonuses are used by operators as an incentive for new and prospective consumers to join up for their service. It is for this reason that many dishonest businesses would provide incentives that are temptingly unrealistic in an effort to hasten the process of gaining new consumers.

Each bonus has its own set of stipulations and restrictions, so be sure to read the fine print before accepting any. Don’t let your enthusiasm or greed get the better of you and lead you to make a huge mistake.

Negative reviews from customers

There are online casinos that have very little information on their website. This isn’t automatically a red flag as it can mean a lot of things. For instance, it could be a new online casino that just recently launched or it may also be one of the older sites that just haven’t had the time to build up a solid web profile.

If you can’t find anything else about the online casino, it is only due diligence to do some research and see what other players have to say about it. You should obviously avoid an online casino with a large number of unfavorable reviews. If you can’t discover anything positive about the casino on review sites or in the comments of players who have tried it, it’s probably better to steer clear.

Questionable payout systems

The most common issue that customers have while interacting with an online gambling site or platform is a delay in collecting their winnings. It is rather unfortunate that there are many online casinos that will just disappear with your funds or make it very difficult to get them back.

Some sketchy online casinos do this by intentionally creating a system so inconvenient that you will leave your funds on the site until you have gambled them all away. Check out the various payment options before making your first commitment. After your first withdrawal, methods may change, so it’s important to read the fine print.

No license

Last but definitely not least, the absence of a valid gaming license from an online casino is the strongest warning sign you should never ignore. There is no need to join up with a casino if it either lacks the necessary gaming licenses or has licenses from an untrustworthy licensing body.

It is preferable that it be licensed by at least one respectable body, such as a country’s Gambling Commission or Gaming Authority.

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