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5 weird practices that people actually do in casinos

September 15, 2022 World iGaming & Gambling

Everyone has their own way of enjoying and making the most of their casino experience. And, if you ever travel, you will be able to encounter gaming in some form or another in almost every country on the planet. While some are worth copying and can even help you in your future games, there are also some practices that can leave you confused and baffled.

Here are some practices you might encounter in casinos that you may find odd or unusual.

Blowing on dice

It is reported that the act of blowing on dice became popular after Marlon Brando made mention of it in the 1955 film “Guys and Dolls.” Since then, it has become a popular superstitious belief among gamblers who believe that doing so can affect the virtual roll of the dice in craps. However, there are also some who do it not to attract some good luck. Some cheaters have tried to put glue on one side of the die. Blowing on it would wet the glue and that side would stick on the table. This is, however, much more difficult to do now. Dice are kept in secure places until they are needed at the table to avoid any form of cheating.

Avoiding the main entrance

Not an entirely weird thing to do, but enough to ask someone why they do it. Why bother looking for another way to get inside when the main entrance is already wide open? Well, the reason is that some people believe that walking through the main entrance of a casino can decrease their chances of winning. Because of this, people would rather enter the casino through the side entrances.

There isn’t a clear explanation as to why people believe and do such, but some sources state that this idea may be traced back to the days when a casino’s main entrance was carved as a big lion and players passed through the animal’s jaw. There were some visitors who chose to enter through the side rather than the elaborate main entrance. Even after the casino changed it, many of its clients continued to enter through the side door.

Smoking vulture brains

Unlike the other activities on this list, this is not technically done inside the casino, but it is perhaps the oddest. Some people in South Africa think that smoking dried vulture brains grants them visions of the future. They believe that this permits them to see winning combinations and numbers, allowing them to win large sums of money. Aside from gambling, it has been observed that people do this when taking an exam, making a business decision, or in any other situation where they may gain an advantage.

However, this dubious practice has had an impact on the country’s vulture populations. Since 2010, the number of breeding pairs of bearded and cape vultures has decreased to less than 400.


When you whistle while playing, it is said that you bring bad luck to your opponents. This practice is said to have originated with British sailors who believed that whistling would cause strong winds. This led to many people believing that whistling at their table brings bad luck. However, this is not really an accepted act anymore. You have to know that this is against basic casino etiquette, and that whistling and making noise might get you kicked out of the facility and get raised eyebrows from other players.

Lending money to other player

Money lending amongst gamblers is a prevalent practice at many casinos. However, similar to the previous item, gamblers feel that lending money to a competitor impacts negatively with their gaming. So, if you are a bit short on cash, maybe don’t ask money from the people around you. They are probably secretly wishing for you to lose.


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