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5 popular casino superstitions you need to know

September 14, 2022 China iGaming & Gambling

People have different ways of enjoying their casino games. Some use precise strategy, while others depend purely on their luck. At the same time, some people would like to engage in a ritualistic experience and make use of different superstitious beliefs before placing their wagers.

A new study from Erasmus University Rotterdam researcher Xiaoyue Tan states that men’s gambling habits are largely driven by superstitions. Psychologists believe this is related to men’s fundamental urge to “remain in control,” which isn’t necessarily the case with gambling. As a result, “hard-fact driven men” are reduced to a superstitious bunch willing to do pretty much anything to affect their luck.

Whether or not you believe in them, here are some casino gambling superstitions that a lot of people follow and observe.

Wear red

In Chinese tradition, red is a color that represents joy and good fortune. That is why most Chinese attire and decorations are colored red during holidays and special occasions. Likewise, gamblers believe that wearing this color to the casino will bring them good luck. They believe that wearing an article of clothing, particularly their undergarments, in the color red will appease the gods and lead them to success.

Don’t wash your hands or leave your seat

Chinese gamblers believe that going to the bathroom to wash their hands can change the course of the game. If you are on a winning streak, do not go to the bathroom and wash your hands because it will wash away your good luck. Thus, if you have been losing your games, going to the toilet may do you some good. This superstition is so popular that some players even bring their own hand soap with them to the casino. This same idea also applies to your place at the table. If you are winning, stay in your seat, but if you are losing, try finding a new chair or table where you can play.

Do not count your money

Money counting is one of the most widely observed superstitions. The Chinese never keep track of their wins or losses while playing. They worry that by doing this, future games will be compromised. Although it is realistically unclear why calculating your money while the game is in progress may bring bad luck, many individuals regard it as poor casino etiquette. If you want to keep winning, just wait until the game is over before counting.

Mind the lucky numbers

Some numbers are considered lucky by gamblers, while others are not. This way of thinking, however, is highly subjective. In Asian culture, the numbers 4 and 7 are considered to bring bad luck. The Chinese also link the number 4 with death and avoid doing significant tasks, especially gambling, on dates containing that number. On the other hand, the number 8 is a particularly auspicious number since it sounds similar to the Cantonese term for “prosperity” or “wealth.” Chinese gamblers frequently mix the number 8 with other fortunate numbers such as 3, 6, and 9.

Do not touch anybody’s shoulders

There is no explanation as to how this superstition came to be. However, Chinese gamblers believe that touching a player’s shoulder is a sign of enmity and bad luck. They see such contact as a bad omen making it a significant no-no. Regardless of the explanation behind this particular superstition, touching a person’s shoulders when they are gambling is impolite. It may be regarded as unlucky, but ultimately just let the players focus on their game.


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