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YouGov: Six in 10 Singaporeans disapprove of online gambling

September 13, 2022 Singapore iGaming & Gambling

A YouGov report has found that six in 10 Singaporeans think online gambling should not be legally allowed in the country.

The polling company says this is above the average disapproval rate for online gaming worldwide of two in five people.

Per YouGov’s report, Singapore has the fourth-highest disapproval rating for online gaming, behind only China (56%), India (57%) and Spain (57%).

The poll found that it was Singapore’s older generation that held the highest disapproval of online gaming, with 68% of Baby Boomers (1946-1964) against it.

Millennials had the highest support for online gaming, with only 44% agreeing that they do support its legalisation.

However, Millennials also broadly disagreed with the statement that rules and regulations around online gambling are too stringent, with only 25% saying the rules were too strict.

This figure was in line with Baby Boomers, where 20% claimed the rules were too harsh. It was Gen Z and Gen X age groups that agreed with the statement – the rules and regulations are too strict – the most.

Singapore’s gambling market has recovered to 70% of its pre-pandemic level, the most significant recovery of any Asian market so far.

This report may, however, highlight the difficulties operators face when trying to grow the online gaming space in the future.

Source: https://www.gamblinginsider.com/news/18106/asia-round-up-public-opinion-in-singapore-against-online-gambling-tral-the-star-more
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