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Games you can play this coming Moon Festival

September 9, 2022 China iGaming & Gambling

The Moon Festival or Mooncake Festival is another name for the Mid-Autumn Festival. After Chinese New Year, it is the second-most significant celebration in China.

During this time, Chinese families take this occasion as an opportunity to celebrate the rice harvest and a variety of fruits. Traditionally, a ceremony is conducted to express gratitude for the harvest as well as to invite the harvest-giving light to return once more the following year.

It also serves as a time for family reunions. Chinese people gather for dinner celebrations, worship the moon, light paper lanterns, eat mooncakes, and other activities. But aside from these mentioned, you can make use of the celebration to have some fun with some games. Here are some games you can play during the Moon Festival.

Bo Bing

Bo Bing, also known as Poah-ching-gôan-pián in Chinese, is a dice game that is frequently played during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Six dice and a porcelain bowl are used to play the game customarily.

The game was reportedly created in the 1600s by the Chinese commander Koxinga of the Southern Ming and his subordinate officer Hong Xu. Zheng had his men stationed in Amoy, or modern-day Xiamen, while he planned the Siege of Fort Zeelandia to seize Dutch Formosa, which had been under European control since 1624. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the game was created in an effort to cheer up the homesick soldiers. The game quickly gained popularity and is now regarded as a widely played folk game.

In modern times, the rules of the game are frequently printed on mooncake packaging. Although it is also played with players hoping to win different prizes, such as daily necessities, home appliances, or money. The game’s traditional prizes are 63 different sized mooncakes: 32 of the smallest cake, half as many of the next largest cake, and so on ending with a single large Ching-gôan cake.

To play the game, the first participant is chosen, rolls the dice, and, based on the dice combination, gets a certain reward. The method is then repeated until there are no more rewards available. A throw is deemed invalid if at least one of the dice lands outside the bowl.

Online Moon Festival Slots

With just one quick search on Google, you will see different websites offering Moon Festival-themed slot machine games. They vary in design, payline, and other aspects of the game. But they are all still equally enjoyable. The best part, these games do not require complex skills or extensive knowledge and familiarity. The results of slot machines are solely dependent on luck. Regardless, these games are considered to have higher payout ratios. Frequently, slot machines pay out 1000 times the line bet. Many pay 10,000x or even more. It’s impossible to resist the allure of earning a lot of money with little investment.

So with these games, you can just simply sit in front of your computer or your phone, take a bite of your mooncake, enjoy the festivities, and just have fun.


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