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AFL player Wayne Carey criticises Crown Resorts after casino ejection

September 9, 2022 World Industry Updates

AFL legend Wayne Carey has criticised Crown Resorts after he was removed from the operator’s Perth venue for having white powder on his person.

Last week, Carey was supposedly found with white powder which had fallen from his pocket; the AFL player denies that this was an illegal substance.

The 51-year-old said the powder was anti-inflammatory medication he had been using for pain relief, claiming that he offered to hand the bag over after dropping it.

Carey said: “What I will say is that nothing illegal has occurred here. I am disappointed.

“[Crown] had two occasions to call the police and they should have been called straight away. If an illegal substance [offence] did occur, they would have been called.”

The new CEO at Crown Resorts, Ciarán Carruthers, has disputed Carey’s version of events, telling local reporters that the AFL players’ claim directly contradicts the statements made by team members at Crown.

Carruthers said: “Any such incident that our staff deems to be suspicious, they report, de-escalate it, and in this instance, our staff asked the customer to leave the facility.

“My understanding is that they didn’t know that it was Carey at the table. It was a customer that was buying in for chips at the time.

“[Staff] noticed the packet fall out along with the notes and they advised their gaming manager. He kept it [the bag] and beyond what’s happened, beyond that, I have no idea what’s happened to it.”

Local Police Commissioner Col Blanche said yesterday that the casino should have informed officers of the incident at the time it occurred, while Carey’s lawyers are looking into whether or not their client was unlawfully discriminated against.

Source: https://www.gamblinginsider.com/news/18068/afl-player-wayne-carey-criticises-crown-resorts-after-casino-ejection
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