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Some Things You Should Never Do at a Casino

September 1, 2022 World iGaming & Gambling

Having game-playing knowledge is only part of the casino experience. To avoid the wide-eyed glares and raised eyebrows from the people around you, you should understand a few fundamental guidelines on etiquette after you’ve mastered the laws of roulette, poker, and other table games.

A casino is a place to have a good time and maybe win some money, but there are certain rules and regulations that you should follow to ensure the good vibes within the establishment. Here are five acts to avoid at all costs while gambling in a casino.

Don’t use your phones

FaceTiming your friends or taking a business call in a casino is not a good idea. It’s not only impolite to other players but also distracting when they’re focusing on their own game. The croupier will typically urge players to silence their phones or leave the table if they need to take a call. Apart from that, you should definitely not pull out your phone to take some photos for your Instagram feed. Nearly every casino in the world frowns upon visitors who photograph the gaming area. It’s for people’s own safety and privacy that taking photos is restricted at casinos.

Don’t take too much time while playing

If you are a newbie, try not to get into the other players’ nerves by being too slow with your decisions during gameplay. To put it bluntly, table game players despise the players who take too much of their time. When you’re just learning the game, this may be a bit of a problem, and some experienced players may use that against you. You can take your time and think things through, especially if you have placed a large bet. However, try to at least attempt to keep up with the rest of the game, especially if you’re a beginner still learning the ropes.

Don’t drink too much

Don’t get too drunk at the casinos; save it for the bars and nightclubs. Gambling should be a fun and stress-free activity, so be sure to drink sensibly. Not only will it cloud your judgment, but it can be a bit embarrassing for you to be sloppy drunk in the gaming area. Aside from that, don’t blame the dealer or start an argument with other players if you lose while under the influence of alcohol. You shouldn’t try to fix your losing streak at the table, but rather away from the casino.

Don’t bring your children or pets

All casinos do not allow kids and pets inside, and it’s fairly self-explanatory. To begin, it’s illegal. But assuming that you can bring your kids to the casino, you’d immediately realize that there is nothing for them to do, and many things they should not do. People who go to casinos want to unwind and play, not worry about how they sound or what they’re talking about because a child was brought along. If you really don’t have anyone to watch over your kids while you play, several casinos, especially those located in popular tourist destinations, have designated spaces for children to play.

Don’t tell other players what to do

A casino experience would not be complete without having to play with a person who seems to be aimlessly gambling away money. It’s easy to approach this person and show him how to improve if he keeps on losing. However, unless the player has directly asked for your opinion, you should refrain from doing so. It’s easy to start a fight in a casino if you just walk up to players and tell them what to do with their money. Remember that some players don’t appreciate the unsolicited advice and can get irritated that a stranger is telling them what to do. Even if you disagree with how someone is spending their money, it is their right to do so.

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