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Okada Manila experiences major outage; representatives say due to “technical issues”

November 17, 2023 ManilaPhilippines Casino & Hotel

“Most of the slot machines at Okada Manila, a well-known integrated resort in the Philippines, were rendered unusable earlier this week due to a large outage. The outage was first attributed by resort management to “”technical issues”” with their “”Information Technology Systems.””

Many of the electronic gaming machines on the gaming floor were turned off, which raised suspicions and anxieties about a potential hack, according to Inside Asian Gaming (IAG). This was especially concerning in light of past incidents that targeted gaming companies all over the world.

About half of the slot machines were operating by Wednesday, indicating that the problem was being fixed little by bit. The resort hasn’t disclosed the precise reason for the issue, however. In addition to expressing regret for any inconvenience caused, Okada Manila assured the public that they are working swiftly to resolve the problem and resume full and normal operations.

There are concerns in the gaming industry over this incident because of the recent increase in cyberattacks targeting major companies. Among the notable cases are cyberattacks on MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment in the United States; on September 12, MGM said that the cyberattack had a major impact on its North American operations, including gaming floors and critical systems. It is estimated that MGM Resorts would suffer losses of almost $100 million due to the event.

Another victim of illegal data access was Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, which affected around 665,000 members of their shopping rewards program. Furthermore, in June, industry supplier Aristocrat fell victim to a breach that resulted in the extraction and disclosure of employee personal data.

Although Okada Manila claims that technical difficulties are the cause of the problem, the regularity and severity of attacks on gaming companies throughout the world demonstrate the necessity for more robust cybersecurity measures in this sector. There is growing concern over the vulnerability of gaming companies to cyberattacks, thus the resort’s commitment to resolving the issue and resuming normal operations is continuously being assessed.

Original story by: IAG

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