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Solon says more South Korean gamblers seek gambling addiction treatment

October 11, 2023 South Korea Crime & LegaliGaming & Gambling

Based on individuals seeking addiction treatment, a South Korean legislator from the major opposition Democratic Party of Korea (DPK), Rep. Jun Hye-sook, has disclosed that the number of gambling addicts in the nation has almost quadrupled over the previous four years.

According to National Health Insurance Service data, from 1,218 people in 2018 to 2,329 people in 2022, there was a 91.2% rise in the number of compulsive gamblers undergoing treatment. Rep. Jun did not detail the sorts of gambling involved, but she did note that younger people were more likely to develop addictions. Of the 2,329 persons who sought treatment in 2022, 866 were in their 30s, followed by 791 who were in their 20s. Surprisingly, there were 82 adolescent addicts as well.

According to the figures, the rate of rise in gambling addiction was greatest among those in their 20s (106.5%), followed by those in their 30s (99.5%), and people in their 40s (89.8%).

Despite this alarming increase in gambling addiction, there were 114 neuropsychiatrists treating gambling disorders in 2022 as opposed to 173 in 2018. In addition, from 26 to 24 rehabilitation centres were recognised by the government at that time.

Rep. Jun brought out the frequency of illicit internet advertisements luring young adults and those in their 20s into gambling. She demanded that the government enact gambling prevention legislation and provide funding for projects to combat this expanding issue.

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Original story by: IAG

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