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Police raids illegal underground casino in Osaka

October 3, 2023 Japan Crime & LegaliGaming & Gambling

Osaka, Japan, has seen an increase in illegal gambling operations as the region prepares to open its first integrated resort. A recent search by the Osaka Prefectural Police on an illegal casino resulted in the capture of several people who were playing mostly baccarat illegally.

With a minimum bet of around $200, gamers were able to get through Japan’s severe gambling laws at this hidden casino. The unlawful business was run effectively and constantly, and it was situated in a tenant block in Osaka’s Minami district. The building has a closed double-door entry with a security camera to check guests and provide admission.

The arrest of one patron for alleged unlawful gaming, which led them to the site, caused the authorities to clamp down on the illicit casino. The casino manager, 29 staff, and one more patron were all taken into custody during the operation. Throughout the operation, several clients were able to escape through a secret stairway.

According to reports, a 41-year-old man called Hiroki Morichika was in charge of the illicit casino.

In a separate instance, Japanese officials detained Yoshiaki Maeda and Shinya Tokita, both 42 years old, for encouraging Japanese people to use offshore gambling sites to engage in online gambling. The two guys were charged with helping thousands of consumers circumvent regional gambling regulations and move large amounts to unregistered internet casinos.

The benefits of reporting suspicious activity have risen in Japan due to the rise in gambling-related crimes.

The amended implementation agreement for the integrated resort project in Osaka has been accepted by the Japanese government, giving the MGM Resorts consortium’s integrated resort more optimism. This resort will house Japan’s first legal casino if all goes according to plan.

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