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USD 2M worth of CS:GO skins gone as new ban put in place

July 3, 2023 World Sports

Valve’s second ban this year has upended the CS:GO gambling community with around 40 prominent traders removed from the platform, bringing more than USD 2M worth of CS skins permanently lost.

The bans is a continuation of Valve’s campaign this year to rid the game of gambling issues, the first being in May and the latest being yesterday. Overall, the raids yielded skin collections worth as high as USD 370,000.

A collection of these traders were allegedly tied to G2’s sponsor CSGORoll, a website also at the receiving end of claims involving “illegal” activities and “money laundering” by competitor, CSGOEmpire. A list created by CSGOEmpire includes the Steam Accounts, Twitter handles, and CSGORoll names of skin traders, with almost all being community banned by Valve.

A community ban permanently prevents Steam users from trading their skins. This means banned-traders skins sit in a permanent inventory limbo, or until the ban is lifted by Valve itself.

Valve previously began its assault on the skin-gambling community by banning three traders with collections worth more than six figures earlier this year. While Valve’s been the judge, jury, and executioner, the gavels come down via other entities’ pushback regarding illegal gambling.

The Australian government has kept a close eye on CS:GO gambling websites. CSGORoll access was the first to be banned by the Australian government in May 2023.

This isn’t the first time Valve’s had to deal with skin-gambling websites. The Counter-Strike developers tore through the industry in 2016 after the Washington Gambling Commission sent letters to Valve president Gabe Newel, forcing the company to change its policy on skin-gambling websites.

CSGORoll also received backlash after creating a gambling advertisement with G2’s Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov. CSGORoll released a video on the day m0nesy turned 18, leading to questions about the video’s filming and its ethicality from the community.

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