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Three Best Casino Games on PS5

June 27, 2023 World iGaming & Gambling

Casino games have always been a console staple. From the earliest Atari titles to the modern connected era, they have offered an alternative experience to high-paced action titles. Even on the next generation of consoles, they remain popular and there are plenty to choose from. Below we give the best casino games on PS5.

Four Kings Casino and Slots

The Four Kings Casino and Slots title has been around for a while. Regular updates have kept it fresh and allowed it to remain the top casino title on PlayStation. Part of its appeal is that it has a huge range of games available, from roulette to poker. You can even indulge in games of bingo should you wish.

This is about as close to the real, in-depth online casino experience as you can get on a console. With online offerings becoming ever closer to the real thing, it remains harder for these games to offer a similar experience as they lack the choice offered online.

Even new markets, such as Canada, are now beginning to open up to online casinos which provide a convenient way to play and attractive welcome bonuses. This can be handy for people in remote states who can’t visit a casino itself. has reviewed the best ones available in Alberta and also reviews other provinces for anyone thinking about signing up. If this still isn’t possible in your jurisdiction, then you may wish to give Four Kings some consideration.

Another part of the game’s appeal is its online multiplayer mode. This replaces the social aspect lost when playing games alone, so you can compete in leaderboards with friends. Few titles also have graphics and realism quite as accurate.

Pure Hold’Em

While you don’t get the range of games available in other casino titles, for people who just want to play or improve at Texas Hold’Em, no experience is as in-depth as this. Playing one game means that all the developer’s time has been highly devoted to this realistic PlayStation simulation.

Different difficulty levels allow players of all types to compete. When you get to higher levels, some of the people you play against are extremely tough. You also have to option to head online and compete with friends.

High Roller Casino

This game offers more of a Vegas experience, as you take on a second life in the casino. All the graphics are designed to shout Vegas at you, so much so it almost becomes an advert for tourism. It is also quite the oddity, that the game is created by Bally yet has pinball-focused action.

To the side of it are a selection of casino-based mini-games. These include slot machines and a roulette wheel. While it may not have the full experience aficionados are looking for, it is great for some lighthearted fun, particularly if you enjoy pinball as well.

Many games have casinos within them such as Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption. However, these titles offer you an isolated experience with more focus on gameplay.

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