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Police Detain and Prohibit 13 Men from Macau Casinos

May 8, 2023 Macau Crime & Legal

The 13 people who have been detained in relation to the violent incident that broke out at a Cotai casino on Monday were announced by the Macau authorities on Thursday. The people that were detained were all citizens of mainland China.

13 people are detained and barred from Macau casinos after a violent altercation.

The Public Security Police Force (PSP) and the Judiciary Police (PJ) revealed more details regarding the incident during a press briefing on Thursday morning. For a total of one to five years, the 13 men are now forbidden from visiting Macau. They were accused of taking part in the altercation, encouraging the altercation, and overstaying their visas.

Ten of the people who were arrested, according to the authorities, were the main instigators of the violence, while three others were only observed cheering and shouting at the scene but did not actually take part in the conflict.

According to the PJ, there was a fight between a group of four people led by Sun, who primarily gambled on the Banker, and a group of six people led by Lui, who primarily bet on the Player. The opening phases of the baccarat game they were playing against one another marked the beginning of the quarrel between the two groups.

The animosity between the two teams increased as the game went on, resulting in a verbal fight that eventually became violent. The PJ saw that both sides were wagering against one another, and their disagreement grew more heated over time.

The casino security staff was the first to respond and was able to stop the incident, arresting five of the fighters and the three spectators. The PJ was then given control of the eight people. At a residence in Macau on Tuesday, the police detained a further five people, bringing the total number of arrests to 13.

It was found that the five people who were detained on Tuesday at a property in Macau had overstayed their visas by a time frame ranging from one to three months. All 13 of the suspects have been given a two-year entry restriction by the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ).

The Public Security Police Force (PSP) described the event as severe since the social media distribution of the brawl footage had negatively affected Macau tourism.

Following the Monday arrests, the three spectators were given a one-year ban, while the five main participants were prohibited from entering Macau for four years. Five years of entry into Macau have been revoked for the five people who overstayed their visas.

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