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Gaming Sector Poised to be a Key Driver of Vietnam’s Digital Economy

May 1, 2023 Vietnam Industry Updates

According to a group of specialists from RMIT University, cultivating human resources who can create games is crucial if gaming is to become a foundation of Vietnam’s digital economy.

The gaming market in Vietnam is exploding. The industry’s overall sales in 2020 was VND12 trillion, or $530 million, a two-fold increase from 2015.

According to the App Annie report 2021, Vietnam was one of the top 10 game distributors in terms of downloads in Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

The survey also noted that Vietnam, with its 430,000 game programmers working for numerous domestic and international game companies, was a significant game hub in Southeast Asia.

However, there aren’t many new, original Vietnamese games that meet international standards.

According to a poll conducted by LacBird, a business that specializes in studying user experience and creating technology apps, the majority of game developers in Vietnam simply outsource their work.

They primarily work on projects involving game development, graphics processing, or game cloning. This causes a shortage of game designers who are capable of producing comprehensive, impressive, and unique games from start to finish.

In other words, Vietnam has a large number of game programmers but few game designers.

Numerous game developers in Vietnam lack the ability to think creatively and innovatively, which accounts for the lack of innovation and creativity in the final products.

Many game studios can quickly rake in cash by focusing on cloning and software outsourcing, but this does not help them break through in the global market.

According to the research team from RMIT, which included Renusha Athugala PhD, Hoang Bao Long MA, and Christian Berg MA, Vietnam needs more highly creative game designers.

In other words, Vietnam has to invest in producing workers who can identify and effectively solve problems. This will assist Vietnam’s gaming sector in the future in becoming a cornerstone of the digital economy.

As former industry professionals who are now teachers in game design and interactive media, they have discovered that the attitude of solely game creation is a challenge for Vietnamese game creators to overcome.

The 32 interviews conducted by LacBird with representatives of small to medium-sized gaming studios in Hanoi and HCM City revealed that the majority of creators encounter challenges during the initial stage of idea generation.

They frequently look for popular games with plenty of downloads on app stores, then invest time and resources into creating copies of those games.

Frequently, fraudsters simply copy the products and alter the sounds and colors.

The strategy of copying the practices of software outsourcing companies has resulted in a mass production mindset that has hampered innovation and originality.

The focus must shift from game production to game creation if Vietnam wants its gaming sector to contribute to the global gaming market and produce original games.

“Designing here includes creative thinking, ideation, imagination, and planning, problem-solving, critical and analytical thought, research, and evaluation.”

The gaming sector in Vietnam has a lot of potential to grow into a significant pillar of the digital economy and take the lead in the global game market. Vietnam needs to concentrate on producing game designers that are well-trained, endowed with the essential abilities, and capable of adapting to changing technology and market trends in order to achieve this.

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