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Fighting Illegal Gambling in the Philippines: Pagcor

April 17, 2023 Philippines iGaming & Gambling

In the Philippines, the illegal gaming industry is growing. The last weapon used by the authorities in their fight against that was a warning issued by the Philippine gambling authority.

Battling illicit gambling in the Philippines:

To aid in the fight against illegal gambling in the nation, the warning was made public. Everyone who attempted to take part in such events would face punishment under Philippine law, according to the regulator.

This warning was given as a result of the recent notice from the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. (Pagcor).

As Pagcor noted, forbidden offline gambling as well as forbidden online betting businesses are growing in the Philippines. Recent reports that indicate that illegal gambling is on the rise are frequently received by Pagcor, which is unquestionably cause for concern.

In a notice that was released on Wednesday, Pagcor addressed the problem: “Besides being illegal, such also exposes one to the dangers of being victimized by unscrupulous groups.”

Pagcor is one of the leading defenders of the rights of the nation’s gaming industry. They only support gambling, even responsible gaming, in regulated settings and through online gaming companies.

This year, POGOs might be discontinued:

Even though Pagcor battles against illicit gambling, one Philippine senator attempts to shut down a portion of the online gaming industry that was given a license by Pagcor. If the legislator’s efforts are successful, that industry, known as Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs), may be shut down this year. Their primary responsibility is to offer gaming services and content to clients in other countries.

Senator Sherwin Gatchalian believes that the POGO industry has a significant impact on the country’s fast growing illegal gambling industry and that it also has an effect on the Philippine law enforcement organizations.

The country’s online gaming business was given priority by Andrea Domingo, the chairman of Pagcor, which resulted in numerous violations.

Pagcor reaffirmed at the end of the previous month that it was ready to maintain the greatest degree of industry integrity, which includes offshore gambling.

In March, Pagcor also terminated its agreement with an outside auditor. The primary reason POGOs were audited in the first place was due to the same auditor. The same service provider, according to Pagcor, was the one not attentively carrying out its responsibilities and “has committed unlawful acts.”

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