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Thailand About to Reopen its Betting on Animal Races and Fights

March 6, 2023 Thailand Events & Announcements

BANGKOK, February 27 (The Nation Thailand/ANN): The Interior Ministry has advised provincial governors across the country that betting on traditional animal races and battles, such cock and fish fighting, can resume now that the pandemic has subsided.

The ministry’s permanent secretary, Suttipong Juljarern, urgently informed all provincial governors across the country in a letter dated February 24 that betting on traditional animal races and battles was once again permitted.

The letter stated that district chiefs and assistant district chiefs have the authority to grant licenses for regional betting sites for fights and races.

Bangkok’s director-general of the Provincial Administration Department has issued an order allowing bullfight wagering to resume. In some provinces, district chiefs or assistant district chiefs cannot grant gaming licenses without a provincial governor’s authorization.

The letter instructed officials to take care that animals were not harmed during competitions.

Bullfights will be permitted at each gambling establishment in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Songkhla, and Phatthalung once a month. The battles can take place at gambling establishments in other provinces once a week, with a monthly cap of four.

Only five charity-related bullfights per year will be permitted in each province, according to the letter.

After the Provincial Administration’s director-general releases a proclamation allowing them, cock and fish battles will be permitted in Bangkok. After provincial governors issue an order allowing them, fighting might resume in other provinces.

The director of the Provincial Administration Department’s Investigation and Litigation Division in Bangkok is responsible for issuing permits for horse racing. According to the letter, district chiefs or assistant district chiefs are required to issue them in other provinces. – THe Nation Thailand/ANN

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