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Top 5 Platforms for Game Streaming

January 18, 2023 World iGaming & Gambling

Do you want to know which game streaming services are the best?

Market choices range from inexpensive to expensive, from basic to high-tech platforms. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the most well-liked video game streaming services to help you make a decision.


Excellent for: Simple follower interaction.

One of the greatest, if not the best, gaming broadcasting services is Amazon’s Twitch. As of January 2023, the platform has 140 million monthly viewers on average. Twitch is accessible from everywhere, and viewers can watch streams on any device. The fact that this platform has such strong community support is its strongest feature. Let’s look at some of Twitch’s key characteristics.


  • New opportunities to make money
  • Simple and efficient subscription strategy for sustainable profits


  • Being seen among the countless streams on this platform is difficult
  • You have to have a minimum of 50 followers to qualify for stream monetization

YouTube Gaming

Excellent for: A large audience and helpful resources.

All of us are aware of the figures of the video streaming powerhouse, YouTube. YouTube now includes gaming as a core feature. The best feature of YouTube Gaming is that it offers streamers a wealth of tools that make playing video games while live broadcasting simple and easy. The streaming platform is straightforward and user-friendly. The user interface is just like the YouTube platform to which you are used.


  • No cost live streaming
  • Fantastic audience interaction
  • Option for saving streams so that viewers can watch them later


  • The interface occupies a huge memory space
  • Bad graphics
  • There are no unique incentives or rewards

Facebook Gaming

Excellent for: Smooth games streaming on PC and mobile.

In recent years, Facebook has devoted a lot to games. Facebook Gaming’s user interface is quite simple. A live stream can also be set up quite easily. The nicest part is that your friend list will already be watching when you start a live gaming stream. You can also plan your stream to build viewers’ curiosity.


  • Viewers can look up profiles to view live streams
  • Notifies you when streaming begins
  • Simple to obtain subscribers


  • Viewers can rapidly scroll down to watch additional content
  • Watching streams requires a mandatory account


Excellent for: Massive reputation and incentives.

DLive debuted in 2017. Content creators can make large amounts of money on this site. The streamers receive direct payment for every revenue made. The UI is remarkably easy to use, making it a great choice for beginner game streamers.


  • It includes a donations button
  • Informative user support section
  • There is no revenue sharing


  • Bad visuals
  • No subscription button

Bigo Live

Most suitable for: competitions and income.

Bigo Live is one of the platforms that provides viewers with high-quality live game streaming. You can use it to stream on both your desktop and mobile devices. In addition to traditional live streaming technologies, the streaming platform has Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. To watch streaming, however, the audience must be at least 18 years old. It has competition events on the platform where you can win a lot of money.


  • Profits are plentiful
  • Participate in competitions to improve your skills


  • Facebook’s automatic posting feature
  • There are no saved chat records
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