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Why Are Casinos Using Facial Recognition?

January 16, 2023 World iGaming & Gambling

The use of facial recognition technology is widespread across numerous sectors. Does facial recognition technology exist at casinos? Any person in casinos can be recognized using facial recognition technology and machine learning.

Facial recognition technology, as the name suggests, can recognize a person from a photo or video of their face. A database or a single file will be used by recognition software to execute facial identification operations. The software finds the details of the provided photo or video and informs authorities about a specific person inside the building. In some contemporary applications, facial recognition software serves as a PIN ID or biometric to confirm the user’s identification.

How is a face recognized by computers or any other device? Your face is mapped geometrically, with the dimensions of your eyes, nose, mouth, ears, chin, and cheeks all taken into account.
With the use of AI, facial recognition can quickly and accurately identify people in a crowd.

In order to identify criminals or prohibited individuals among customers, a casino monitoring system largely uses facial recognition.Casino security can promptly notify staff or the local police if any violent criminals or known cheaters enter the premises due to facial recognition surveillance.Casino face recognition technology is utilized to identify possible cheaters among the players by observing their gambling habits, in addition to identifying criminals.

Additionally, card counters in blackjack might be caught using facial recognition since they frequently place their wagers in a particular way.The management may cultivate a strong sense of customer loyalty among the high rollers and reward them with various bonuses, like coupons for sporting events and free admission to special shows, with the aid of facial recognition casino software. These entice customers to return to the casino. One of the casino’s strategies for generating revenue is this one.

Facial recognition also serves the opposite purpose of keeping high rollers by identifying people who are engaging in risky gaming. Managers aim to discourage gamblers from blowing their wealth or having large debts on their property because doing so could damage their reputation. These people can be identified on the floor using facial recognition and machine learning technologies, which enables management to decide whether they need self-exclusion.

As a result of its ability to identify important individuals among their customers, facial recognition is at the center of security and marketing at actual casinos. The efficiency and speed of AI technology to build a database and find matches gets better every year.

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