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Chinese Lucky Charm For Gambling

January 13, 2023 World iGaming & Gambling

Lucky charm is a common essential in the gambling world, and few gamblers would go without one. Popular gambling charms cultivate a sense of faith in a higher power, allowing heavenly help to reach the gambler and open doors, whether in Western or Eastern cultures.

Read out these most common Chinese good luck charms for gambling if you’re wondering what lucky Chinese symbols to look for when gambling:

#1 Statues of a lucky golden cat
Cats are generally believed to be bad omens in Chinese mythology, except if they are golden cats. Obtaining a golden cat statue represents the positive transition of an unfortunate circumstance into one that had a positive outcome.

The golden cat’s symbolism is so potent that it also represents the general change of bad into good as well as protection from evil.

#2 Oranges
Oranges are regarded as fruit with good energy in Chinese culture. Because of their Feng Shui roots, oranges have a tendency to make people feel cheerful and uplifted through their color, flavor, and aroma.
Oranges have additional good symbolism because they resemble coins in shape and have the bright gold color, which makes them one of the most well-known Chinese lucky charms for gambling.

#3 Chinese Dragons
Ancient Chinese mythology states that the Imperial Dragon is strong and undefeatable which explains the culture’s love for the image, which is present in everything from jewelry to architecture and also explains why gamblers wear them to stay undefeated when gambling.

#4 Red Envelopes
While red is sometimes associated with emotion in Western cultures, it is one of the most important colors in Chinese culture and represents vitality, success, and fortune. In Feng Shui, red is considered to be the most auspicious color. It is associated with protection, and it frequently inspires and motivates people. Red is the luckiest of all colors, and it is used to symbolize all significant life events. In reality, money is frequently given out in red envelopes, a symbol of wealth, during key events like the lunar new year, and other special festivals. Red envelopes, on the other hand, are a fantastic amulet to have within your handbag or wallet for bountiful riches.

#5 Trio Chinese Lucky Coins
One of the most popular is the trio of Chinese lucky coins! As long as you keep the three coins close to you, they are believed to provide you fortune, prosperity, and happiness. They are bound together with a red ribbon.
For an abundance of prosperity and money, you can keep them within your handbag or wallet if you’d prefer to always have them on you.

#6 Lucky Bamboo
This stunning plant invites and boosts the flow of positive energy throughout any room, whether it be your house or place of work. It is a symbol of good health, good fortune, and success. The plant is also thought to reactivate any energy that has been sluggish in the area, ensuring that good energy continues to circulate undisturbed throughout the room. Six Lucky Bamboo stalks are known to produce favorable circumstances that bring a cash flow and good fortune, according to gamblers who depend on this plant for wealth.

#7 Chinese Lucky Numbers
Chinese lucky numbers have a special connotation, and it’s said that they resonate with and invite certain energies. In comparison to the other numbers, 3, 5, and 8 are seen to be the luckiest ones, whereas 4 is unfortunate.
Some people employ these lucky numbers as a betting strategy, choosing which day, what date, and even which seat to take. Each time you choose to gamble, you can tap into these numbers and benefit from their uplifting energy.

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