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Chinese Gambling Hotspots are Affected by Travel Restrictions Prior to the Chinese New Year

January 13, 2023 Asia Casino & HotelEvents & Announcements

Beijing claims that since the country observed a sharp drop in COVID-19 cases and opened up to international nations, various nations are “posing discriminatory entrance restriction measures targeting China.” Chinese government officials declared that in cases of outsiders entering China, the nation will “take reciprocal actions.” Despite Chinese official assurances that the country had passed the top of the infectious wave and was now seeing a decline in COVID cases, post-COVID Chinese visitors are now subject to entry restrictions in their countries of destination.

Measures of response
It was for this reason that Chinese authorities recently suspended the issuance of visas to South Korean and Japanese tourists who wanted to visit the country. This was the first retaliatory action taken by Chinese authorities against nations requiring COVID requirements of Chinese visitors. China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that the countries should “make sure that their COVID response measures are fact-based, science-based and reasonable,” stressing that they “should not be discriminatory and should not disrupt routine cross-border travel.”

Where Macau is best placed:
Due to these reciprocal restrictions, Chinese gamblers may avoid South Korean casinos over the forthcoming Chinese New Year holidays in favor of less restrictive locales like Macau and the Philippines. Since it eliminated all examination requirements for applicants from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and mainland China on January 8th, Macau appears to be in the greatest position ahead of the Chinese New Year festivities. Additionally, according to Ferdinand Marcos Jr., president of the Philippines, there will be no travel restrictions on Chinese citizens.

As the Chinese New Year approaches, Singapore and Vietnam have eased border restrictions relating to COVID in order to resume and increase flights to mainland China. On the other hand, Malaysia intends to set up distinct arrival areas for visitors from China, along with a quick antigen test and a quarantine for anyone who appears suspicious.

Economic development was stimulated by zero policy
Despite its recent opening, China is still adhering to its zero-COVID policy. A spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry defended the three-year-long program by claiming that “China became the first major country in the world to report positive economic growth in 2020 precisely due of the dynamic zero-COVID policy.” The representative also stated that “several provinces and cities have passed past the infection peak” and that “China’s COVID status is improving.”

CNY will boost the economy:
Despite this rhetoric, several nations have decided to impose strict testing requirements on Chinese tourists. However, nations like Vietnam, Singapore, and the Philippines seek to strike a balance between these regulations in order to allow peaceful travel to and from China prior to the holiday.

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