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Japan’s Government could Approve the Osaka IR proposal by January

December 27, 2022 Japan Industry Updates

The Japan Innovation Party, which is led by the national MP for Osaka, expects that the national government will approve Osaka’s Integrated Resort (IR) District Development Plan for a tourism complex that includes a casino before the end of January.

Nobuyuki Baba claimed, as reported by Japanese media, that this was based on conversations between his party’s leadership and the national government and the primary power bloc, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), though he did not name any specific individuals.

“Japan Innovation party leaders have worked for the LDP and administration, respectively.

The party currently believes that the administration will make a decision before the Diet session begins, which should be favorable for Osaka,” Mr. Baba was reported as saying on Thursday.

That is based on data compiled by the Japan correspondent for GGRAsia. The commencement of Japan’s upcoming parliamentary session is anticipated to occur in January. On December 10, the most recent extraordinary session of the parliament came to an end.

The national authorities received Osaka’s IR plan for review in late April, and a number of legislators, including Mr. Baba, have recently urged them to speed up the procedure.

The Osaka Restoration Association, which was formerly known as Osaka Ishin, is connected to the Japan Restoration Party.

Ichiro Matsui, the mayor of Osaka, stated in November that the national government had requested additional documents outlining how and when the local authorities would address issues related to their proposal, including the land at Yumeshima island in Osaka Bay, on which it will stand. The city and prefecture are collaborating on the IR tilt.

The Osaka municipal government on Thursday began a public consultation on what is known as “phase 2” of Yumeshima, an artificial island. The survey is scheduled to go through May 10, 2023.

For a 50 hectare (123.6 acre) plot, that would include “legacy” use.

The story will initially be utilized for Expo 2025, a world exhibition that will take place in Yumeshima beginning in April 2025 and last for six months. On Yumeshima Island, a 155-ha location will host Expo 2025.

According to Mayor Matsui, who was cited by GGRAsia’s Japan correspondent, the Osaka IR—which will have its own, independent 49-ha land block on Yumeshima—would be a part of the larger development project for the artificial island. The proponents of an Osaka IR have voiced optimism that a facility of this kind will be operational before the decade’s end.

Hirofumi Yoshimura, the governor of the Osaka prefecture and the leader of the Osaka Ishin party, declared on Tuesday that he would seek reelection. The upcoming election is scheduled for April.

In line with Osaka city, he promised to “adopt a growth strategy,” according to his platform. Expo 2025 and the IR project would be the two fundamental pillars of it.

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