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Non-mainland Travelers No Longer Require Quarantine, according to Macau

December 26, 2022 Macau Events & Announcements

Beginning December 23, no quarantine will be required for visitors to Macau who are coming from Taiwan, Hong Kong, or other countries. According to a report released yesterday by the city’s Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Center (Thursday, December 22).

Visitors and residents of Macau, regardless of whether they have a Macau ID or not, are covered by the measure.

Travelers entering the country will still be required to engage in five days of purported “self-management” of their health.

People seeking to enter Macau from abroad, Hong Kong, or Taiwan must have a nucleic acid test certificate showing they are “negative” for Covid-19 infection that was provided within 72 hours, according to the new entry regulations.

Travelers won’t have to take a new nucleic acid test when they arrive.

The inbound traveler’s electronic health code will be “yellow” for the duration of the five-day “self-management” phase of their health, preventing them from entering some locations, including government buildings. Previously, travelers to Macau from Hong Kong, Taiwan, or other countries were given a “red” health code, requiring them to go through some type of quarantine.

Restaurants and entertainment venues, which are known to include casinos, have the discretion to determine whether to permit visitors with a “yellow” health code on their property.

Throughout the five-day period of “self-management” of their health, the inbound travelers will be forced to perform a quick antigen test every day.

The individual’s health code will turn “green” and they will be authorized to move freely inside Macau provided the five-day period has been completed with “negative” results each day, according to the regional health officials.

The Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre in Macau has announced that visitors who arrive from outside, Hong Kong, or Taiwan would not be permitted to leave the city for the first eight days of their stay. However, if they are going to Hong Kong, Taiwan, or somewhere else, they can always depart Macau.

With the effect from December 17, the Macau authorities has lowered the quarantine requirements for visitors.

At the time, it was stated that instead of being required to stay in a designated hotel for an obligatory quarantine, travelers arriving in Macau from overseas, Hong Kong, or Taiwan would simply need to complete a five-day period of isolation at home. Even the house seclusion has already been abandoned.

This week, Macau canceled all inbound quarantine regulations that had been imposed on visitors from specific regions of mainland China that had previously been assessed to be at “high risk” of transmitting Covid-19. In a statement released on Monday, the city’s Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre said that anyone entering Macau from the mainland would simply need to present a ‘negative’ nucleic acid test result from a test performed within the previous 72 hours, as opposed to the previous 48 hours.

The local government has recently relaxed parts of its pandemic countermeasures as Macau enters a “new phase” in its strategy to combating the pandemic, according to local officials. This comes at the same time as the latest relaxation of Covid-19-related travel restrictions. The city is currently seeing its biggest Covid-19 epidemic since the pandemic’s commencement in 2020, which is having an effect on certain local businesses’ day-to-day operations.

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