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Fantasy Football – A Beginners Guide

December 26, 2022 World Sports

Are you curious about fantasy football because your friends keep talking about it? Or do you already know about it but wanna learn how to play? Congratulations you’ve come to the right place.
Let me explain what Fantasy football is. Fantasy football is a game whereby you have the role of a Manager, who has to select a squad of real-life players who score points for your team based on their real-life performances in their matches.
To play this game you’ll need to pick a team of 15 real-life players or more, that will represent you weekly for the whole season. Their weekly performance will determine whether they win points or lose them.

You can play it alone or you can pitch your team against other managers in the league. However, I will suggest you pitch your team against your friends in a mini-league. You need to understand that different games give you points. Your chosen players score points for actions like;
Playing games – If your selected player plays a match in real life you earn points but if he is just a substitute you might not earn any points.

Scoring goals – Yes, exactly the more goals your player scores the more points you’ll get so if you select Messi then he scores a hat trick you guessed right your points will triple.
Keeping clean sheets – This just applies to defenders and goalkeepers if your selected team has defenders and goalkeepers and they keep a clean sheet hooray you’ll also have a point.

Giving Assists – If you select players like Kevin Debruyn in your team you’ll be having a lot of points because every assist a player makes in real life gets you points in your fantasy team.

Playing Well – This is very debatable but some games will give extra points for good performances if the player won the man of the match, the player had a good rating. The fantasy league system will offer your team extra points.

But you can also lose points when this happens;
Conceding Goals – In case your selected player conceded a goal or scored their own goal I’m sorry but you’ll lose some points for that.
Getting Booked – This is also common when a player gets booked whether yellow or red card your fantasy league can lose points.

Every Fantasy Football game will hand you a budget which you spend on your team or squad.
As a newbie in Fantasy Games you’ll be given a budget it’ll look generous but don’t get ahead of yourself because some of the players are expensive, especially forwards and you might not be able to buy players during a transfer window if your finances are low so you’ve to manage your money well and do your best to assemble a good lineup.
You need to understand that a fantasy game is just like a real game. Everything that happens in real life impacts the game which impacts your point. You’ve to be ready to substitute your favorite player if he isn’t performing well or is injured because keeping him on the pitch will do you no good but cost you points. Be up to date with real-life football so you’ll be able to make the best decisions as to your lineups, injuries, and transfers.

You won’t end on the top of the table since this is your first time anyplace aside the last place is good for now but still, that shouldn’t stop you from going for the top spot. You’ll get experience as time goes on and you’ll be able to build a better team that’ll win you league titles and make you the best manager in the league

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