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How Does a Live Casino Function?

December 22, 2022 World iGaming & Gambling

How does a live casino function? Live casinos are a new type of online gambling that simulates the action found in traditional casino venues. However, the player can place a bet from the convenience of their own home, and live casinos can provide a higher payback percentage to players than other types of casino games.

The fact that the games are operated in real time by a human dealer is what makes live casinos so entertaining. If they have an issue or require assistance, one of the features available is live chat.

Dealers’ physical operations are converted into data that is used by optical character recognition software (OCR). This software allows players to enjoy a casino experience without leaving their homes. Furthermore, rather than being an automated process, the outcomes of the games are decided by a human.

A live casino has mostly three rooms. The first one is a live studio, the second is a software room and the third one is an analyst room. But different casinos might have different arrangements. Some casinos also offer live games channels if you betting on soccer games.

Below, you will find details on the various parts of live casinos, as well as a detailed summary of their functions and how they can help you have a no-problem gaming session.

Key Live Casino Components:

Needless to say, cameras are critical to the successful streaming of live games. The most recent advances in technology have allowed relatively small but more powerful cameras to be used for game streaming.

Game Control Unit
The Game Control Unit (GCU) is the most critical element of a live casino. A GCU is attached to each table. The device is smaller and is in charge of encoding the transmitted video. In the live casino industry, the GCU is a hero.

Dealers are a huge part of the casino industry, as advanced as we’ve come in the world of technology players still like to deal with humans. The human-to-human connection is very important. Dealers undergo rigorous training to fully understand the games and help players to figure out any misunderstandings they’ve and with the current technology, every dealer is tracked by a smart card to avoid any blunders.

Optical Camera Recognition Technology
Optical Camera Recognition is now a prominent member of the live casino industry. It records every tiny detail in the gaming room and transmits the video to players via a link. Players place their bets on their computers or phones. A live chat operator is also available when they need help. The technology captures everything from the shuffling of the cards, the spinning of the wheel, distribution of hands, which gives you the same experience as brick and mortar casino.

The Gaming Process
Depending on the game you play, the process of the gameplay might differ. For example, you are playing Poker. First, the OCR software will transmit the video to be compatible with the player’s interface. Players can then place their bets within a limited time and afterward, the no more bets sign popup will be displayed on the player’s screen and his betting button will be disabled then the dealer will start dealing with the cards the whole process will be transmitted with the OCR software so the Player can see it clearly on his screen and if the player wins their account balance will be credited with their payouts immediately and if Player want to continue then the Players can place bets again.

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