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December 15, 2022 World

F1 Teams Are Jealous Of Redbull

Max Verstappen defeated Lewis Hamilton in the season-ending race to win the title for the first time in his career last year. Red Bull, however, was charged with going over the Formula One association’s budgetary limit this year.After that, Sergio Pérez received criticism from rival teams, which he did not like. Verstappen also received a brief word of caution from his teammate for the following year.

People are starting to be envious of the Red Bull team, which has been incredibly dominant throughout the season. An investigation at the end of the year showed that the Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez team had gone over the budgetary cost cap in 2021.
Mercedes, Ferrari, and numerous other companies were outraged that Red Bull had not received harsher punishment. Mercedes believed that this violation of the rules had favored Verstappen in his attempt to defeat Lewis Hamilton and win the world championship. Sergio Pérez disagrees with this.

It demonstrates that they are sore losers.
Sergio Pérez has grown weary of the insults leveled at Red Bull by rival teams, who openly accuse them of cheating. We gained no performance advantage from it, so if you look at the facts, Max didn’t win the championship because of it.The teams that want to exploit this by disparaging Red Bull are only acting unfairly. The Red Bull driver remarked, “It demonstrates that they are poor losers.”

“I know I will win the title.”
Sergio Pérez, who finished third in the championship behind Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc, also made a bold statement.
“If you look at it, I was behind Max in the championship and in terms of performance at the beginning of the year, so I do believe I can compete for the title.”
“It was just my second year with the team, so I’m still learning.” It’s just a matter of being more consistent and setting up the car better.
Max was driving at a really high level this season; he’s improved tremendously since last season and is obviously doing a fantastic job. “I think I’m getting stronger and stronger every race,” he said. That is not a problem for me. I simply need to put in more effort, collaborate with my team, and try to defeat him the following year. “If I didn’t believe I could succeed, I wouldn’t be in Formula 1,” says Pérez.

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