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Do Online Casinos Commit Fraud?

December 14, 2022 World iGaming & Gambling

You shouldn’t take risks by playing at a casino that will defraud you of your winnings or prevent you from winning at all because gambling is all about taking calculated risks. Some gamblers maintain that all online casinos are rigged and that too many “impossible” things occur for the randomness to be real.

Many people hold this opinion, which strikes those of us working in the sector as odd because we know the opposite is true—at the very least, online casinos are just as fair as traditional brick and mortar casinos.


In the past, online casinos have cheated, but things have changed.

Unlike in the past, the online casino industry is now very tightly regulated. When online casinos first began to emerge in the mid-1990s, there were a number of bad people operating in the industry with the sole purpose of defrauding players of their hard-earned money.

Therefore, despite the fact that online casinos have been licensed and regulated since 2013, it makes sense that players would still be careful of them. In reality,some of these kinds of websites still exist as offshore casinos that function outside of national boundaries. There are no regulatory restrictions on these casinos. This means that you, the player, have nowhere to turn if you discover any wrongdoing or cheating on the part of the casino.

Why the online casino experience is important

Online gaming differs significantly from playing in a physical casino in that you typically play by yourself most of the time. That matters because it contributes to the perception that some players have that online casinos are dishonest. Imagine playing roulette in a crowded land-based casino. There will be players around you who are winning and losing. Even if you’re having a losing streak of your own, chances are you’ll still see other people succeeding at the same time.

In a social setting, it is easier to believe a casino is trustworthy if we think winning is a possibility. In contrast, when you play at an online casino, all of your attention is on your wins and losses. If you’re losing and have no one with whom to compare your performance, you might start to suspect that online casinos are dishonest. However, table games like blackjack are identical at both offline and online casinos in terms of probability.


Finally, legitimate online casinos are honest.

Although it is true that “the house always wins in the end” (it must be, or the operator would go bankrupt), this does not imply that online casinos are dishonest or that the games at online casinos are fixed. The RNG of the games at online casinos is regularly audited and tested.

Checking out who is willing to collaborate with them is our final piece of advice for locating the most reliable casinos. You have a few more green flags to work with if an online casino features games from reputable developers like NetEnt and PlayTech and accepts payments through PayPal or a reliable financial service.

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