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December 8, 2022 World

Verbal Cues in Poker

Poker is a great game and one that requires more than just mathematical skills and luck but also verbal skills. Today we are going to look at some verbal cues you can apply at both online and land-based casinos and hope they help you win your next poker game.


1. Verbal cues that denote power

Talking while holding: Talking while holding the card suggests a player who is at ease and less likely to bluff, but if the player speaks to you while you are still thinking for no apparent reason, they are likely attempting to persuade you that they are simply friendly and that you should play with them.

Declaring they lack a strong hand: Consider why someone would ever use language like this when bluffing. This is actually a very accurate tell that shows how strong your opponent’s range is. It also applies to identifying the precise hand. You can almost always assume that a player who says they don’t have a particular card actually has at least one and is trying to make their range appear weaker, so you’ll call. Almost all announcements of “weak hands” aren’t true.


2. Verbal cues that denote weakness

Joking while waiting for action: While this isn’t always true for players who are placing their own bets, it’s more likely to be the case when a player is joking around. Smiling and laughing are signs of a weak hand from a player who is waiting to act. Once more, the justification is very similar. They are more likely to be weak when making jokes or amusing statements because they would not want to take the chance of drawing attention to themselves and deterring action with a premium holding.

announcing checking loudly: They want to appear confident so they can stop you from betting, so it indicates a weak hand. The likelihood of a weak hand increases with the volume of the check. The same could be said for verbal “calling” announcements; when they have weak holding, they will go out of their way to show strength.

Always try to keep in mind that everything has a logical explanation so that you can make wiser decisions.


Important Points

  • Acting weakly usually indicates having a strong hand, and acting strongly usually indicates having a weak hand.
  • Be aware that some players may try to send out false signals.
  • Don’t follow anything blindly.
  • Both live and online betting can use verbal cues.
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