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Betting in Indonesia

December 8, 2022 World iGaming & Gambling

Everyone is often in awe of Indonesia’s beauty thanks to its luxurious resorts, delicious cuisine, breathtaking beaches, and incredible nightlife. With all of these beautiful and opulent amenities, one could be forgiven for thinking that Indonesian casinos would be popular among everyone in a country with a such vibrant nightlife. Clearly, Indonesia is experiencing that because of strict government rules, but despite the country’s strict gambling laws, internet gambling is thriving there.


Is online gambling legal in Indonesia?

Despite the fact that internet gambling is outright forbidden in Indonesia, the government’s loose interpretation of the law has left a number of gaps and loopholes. Leaving aside the bluster of the government, there is now essentially nothing to stop Indonesian citizens from visiting sites hosted abroad.


History of Sports Betting in Indonesia

Coin and card games were introduced around 700 years ago in Indonesia by the Chinese. Around the fourteenth century, as the religion spread throughout the area, things started to change. The conflict between religion and gaming in Indonesia began with this, a conflict that continues to this day.

About Indonesia betting markets

One of the strangest nations in the world is Indonesia. Instead of being a single mainland, it extends between two continents (Asia and Oceania) and is made up of about 17,500 islands divided into 34 provinces. Although several of the islands are well-known tourist destinations, the government has taken steps to outlaw all forms of gambling despite the fact that it has strong commercial ties with the rest of Asia and a number of Western nations.

Thousands of dollars are bet daily on both sports betting and table games in Indonesia, despite the government’s best efforts, as shown by a new report in 2010 that claimed two locally hosted online casinos were shut down after allegedly grossing $50,000 per day. Badminton is among the most popular sports, along with a few others.


Recommended payment methods in Indonesia

All Indonesian sportsbooks allow you to choose your primary account currency at the time of registration, and the available payment methods will largely depend on that decision. Cryptocurrencies are widely used for foreign currency deposits. On the other hand, the payment options for IDR(Indonesian Rupiah ) deposits vary from sportsbook to sportsbook. For instance, some casinos accept deposits made using credit cards, bitcoins, and a number of other methods. While some other casinos also accept IDR(Indonesian Rupiah ) payments through bank transfers and online banking, in addition to a number of bookmakers, there are some that do not. In this case, you can still deposit Indonesian Rupiah into your account, but you’ll have to fork over a small fee to have your Indonesian Rupiah converted to the currency of your account.


Withdraw options

The main difference between a crypto casino and other online casinos is the currency you use to deposit money and withdraw winnings. If you use digital currency, you’ll receive a lot of additional benefits. Withdrawals made in cryptocurrency, however, happen right away! Furthermore, you will frequently need to confirm your identity before you can play when using methods like bank accounts. Bitcoin gambling is completely anonymous because your identity is never connected to any transaction.

The Future of Gambling in Indonesia

Since 2012, the Indonesian government has taken a number of steps toward a total ban on online gambling, and in recent months several locally hosted websites have closed. But as the government has learned, controlling the internet is much more complicated than it first appears, and limiting access to websites is notoriously difficult given the variety of ways to get around routine IP blocks.

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